Monday, January 12, 2009

Have You Remembered?

The Sabbath is the 4th of 10 Commandments, but was it observed after Jesus' death?

In the 5th century, Socrates Scholasticus Church History book 5 states:[28]
Nor is there less variation in regard to religious assemblies. For although almost all churches throughout the world celebrate the sacred mysteries on the sabbath of every week, yet the Christians of Alexandria and at Rome, on account of some ancient tradition, have ceased to do this.
Also in the 5th century, Sozomen Church History book 7 states:[29]
Assemblies are not held in all churches on the same time or manner. The people of Constantinople, and almost everywhere, assemble together on the Sabbath, as well as on the first day of the week, which custom is never observed at Rome or at Alexandria.

Whether you prefer world history or Bible history, the Sabbath was observed well after Jesus' death.

Rest = Sabbatismos
1) 7th Day Sabbath rest from works

2) Righteousness by Faith or right-works by faith
3) Rest in Heaven (The Promised Land)

Hebrews 4:9.
Sabbatismos in the original Greek is the word translated as "rest". Sabbatismos is used only once in the entire New Testament, and it means "keeping of a Sabbath". 

Greek is only used in the New Testament, so what does this mean? Well, Sabbatismos appears once in the whole entire King James Bible, that's what this means. 

I found the context of Hebrews 4:4 says, "...God did rest the seventh day from all his works". I also found that God's Sabbath is unchanged....period. 

The really obvious part of Sabbath is to remember to observe it out of obedience to The Faith. This also foreshadows rest in Heaven, but Hebrews 3 repeatedly warns against disobedience, unbelief, & hardened hearts. My point?

Remember the Sabbath (most forget), as it is dreadful how many church leaders teach that the Sabbath represents a future rest in "the Promised Land", but ignore a present rest from works as rest pertains to the Sabbath and Righteousnes by Faith.

Please understand, unbelief is a lack of faith, & hopefully the next pages will connect the dots in a way that you'll always remember.

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