Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Mark of The Beast

I can only hope that more of my research helps you know, that you know (that you know), that you know the TRUTH about the Mark of the Beast. Well, here's more, but how much more do you need?  ...and why?

14) "The little horn" or Holy Roman Empire (Daniel 7:8) "came up among them (the tribes), before whom 3 were plucked up by the roots". The barbarians were tribes that opposed Roman government (& church). The Ostrogoths, Vandals and Heruli were exterminated during the rise of the papacy.

Heruli -
Vandals (see Turbulent End) -
Ostrogoths -

15) Rome's church would emerge from the state/government power of the 4th beast (Revelation 17:3; Daniel 7:7,8).  

See how church & state both burned people,"Death By Burning" (under Historical Usage) at Wikipedia .

16) It would be diverse or different from other kingdoms (Daniel 7:24). Eventually, power  transferred to church from state. "With the increasing chaos and disorder leading to the collapse of the Roman Empire in 476, the popes assumed more and more civil authority first in Rome and in the surrounding territories."  See Religion in Rome (Christianity/2nd paragraph)

17) Revelation 17:18 mentions a "great city". Are you convinced enough that it's Rome ?

18) Greece's 4 generals assumed Alexander the Great's throne as Rome began to rise. See Daniel 8:22-23, & since dark sayings=proverbs or "dark sentences" in Proverbs 1:6, who is the "king" & "kingdom"? 


19) Daniel 8:25, "By peace he shall destroy many"..."and shall wear out the saints of the most High" (Daniel 7:25)meaning killing believers in the name of God. This prophecy was written before Rome started to become the Holy Roman Empire.  Also, the whole entire Bible was written before 100 A.D., so it's full proof (fool proof too).  235/150/407

The Church used  the torture devices here -

20) Daniel 8:24, "he shall also stand up against the "Prince of princes". Ephesians 5;23; Colossians 1:18; & Ephesians 1:22, clearly fix Jesus as the Head of the Church, which puts the Church of Rome in direct conflict with what the Bible says.

New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia under "Vicar of Christ" ( 2nd paragraph) says, "...the title Vicar of Christ is more expressive of his supreme headship of the Church on earth, which he bears in virtue of the commission of Christ and with vicarial power derived from Him." 

21) "Shall destroy the mighty and holy people" (Daniel 8:24).  You can get it straight from the horses mouth at New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia.  

Search "Inquisition", scroll down to "The suppression of heresy by the institution known as the inquisition" or

From "The Inquisition of the Middle Ages", see (b) Procedure, & find the 4 bullet points & "four methods of extracting open acknowledgment":
  • fear of death, i.e. by giving the accused to understand that (burning at) the stake awaited him if he would not confess;
  • more or less close confinement, possibly emphasized by curtailment of food (starving to death);
  • visits of tried men, who would attempt to induce free confession through friendly persuasion;
  • torture...

22) The Church of Rome was mighty, "but not by his own power" (Daniel 8:24).

* Definitions - Satan is the Dragon (Revelation 12:9).

23) Dragon gave power to the beast (Revelation 13:2,4).

* Definitions - A Woman is a church (Ephesians 5:25; Jeremiah 6:2; 2 Corinthians 11:2), & there are only 2 churches, one is God's pure virgin church, and the other is a Satan's harlot (whore) church. Compare & contrast Revelation 12:1-2;17:1-4; 21:9; 18:2-5;19:2,7-9.

24) Search Revelation 12:13-17, then "Holy Roman Empire" in Wikipedia. Go to "King of the Romans" (2nd paragraph), "After being elected, the King of the Romans could theoretically claim the title of "Emperor" only after being crowned by the Pope....In many cases, this took several years while the King...was in quarrel with the Pope himself."


Same page, just scroll down to "The Imperial Diet (Reichstag, or Reichsversammlung), was the legislative body of the Holy Roman Empire and theoretically superior to the emperor himself."


25) Revelation 12:4 - Born during Roman Empire, Jesus was almost "devoured" before reaching 2 years old. It was argued that Herod was not even a true Jew, but still he was appointed Ruler of Judea. To show his allegiance and gratitude, Herod renamed the Straton sea port “Caesarea”, and built a temple for the goddess “Roma” and Augustus (Octavian) Caesar. Jews hated Herod, but feared him because he killed his own children, other close family members, and even his wife...and tried to kill baby Jesus.


  1. Notice how Daniel 8:25 mentions "using craft to prosper", well Daniel 11:20-24 & Revelation 18:2-19:2,7-9 reveal how Rome prospered from the trades & skills of the people.

  2. 26) See "Edict of Milan" Read the last sentence, which says that Christians should be put down for not giving honor to the gods. The Edict gave religious tolerance, but Daniel 7:23-25 foretells that Rome would kill Christian martyrs.

  3. Little horn - Daniel 8:9-12, 24-25
    Daily Sacrifice - Exodus 29:36-38, "...every by day continually". Atonement is "at-one-ment" with God (not a pope/priest)

  4. Search "Protestant Reformation" in Wikipedia (under Corruption) to find Jan Hus, who was executed by burning in spite of a promise of safe-conduct.

    Wycliffe was posthumously burned as a heretic...meaning his dead body was dug up & burned by the Catholic Church.