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The Beast

By my research, see "The Infamous Mark", the Bible defines it's own symbols, and a "mark" is synonymous with a memorial & a seal.  The location is inside the frontlets between the eyes (forehead) & in the hand...both which go together like faith & works.  But what is the Beast? The Bible will piece together this puzzle.

See "Israel Map Throughout History" on Youtube. The time period between Babylon & Rome is a standard in World History books. The Bible foretells this same exact order of successive kingdoms. Daniel 2, the King of Babylon has a vision of a metal image, and in verse 38, Babylon is the 1st of four successive kingdoms.

Daniel 8 predicts the transfer of power from Persia to Greece, and miraculously names them in verses 20 & 21. Daniel 7 signifies the same succession of kingdoms as Daniel 2, but whereas these countries are metals in Daniel 2 Beasts in Daniel 7.

* Definitions - Beasts represent Kingdoms - Daniel 7:17,18,23

Both Daniel 2 & 7 devote more attention to the 4th Beast than the others, and in Daniel 7:25, the kingdom "thinks to change times and laws".  Below is the 1st of over 35 clues that hint that Rome is the 4th beast, & I will make sense of the symbols of Bible Prophecy using basic World History. 

You can find this research in high school history books & encyclopedias. See Revelation 13:2 & Daniel 7:4-7 & don't forget, Rome's the 4th Beast simply because the Kingdom that followed Rome.

I - Babylon 603 B.C. to 539 B.C."The Gold Kingdom " - Lion
II - Medes-Persians 539 B.C. to 331 B.C.""The Silver Kingdom " - Bear
III - Greece 331 B.C. to 168 B.C.""The Brass Kingdom " - Leopard

1) IV - Rome 168 B.C. to 476 A.D."The Iron Kingdom " - Dreadful, Terrible, and Exceedingly Great Beast.  

Simple historical facts.  Notice how the Bible names Persia & Greece, but not Rome. If Rome was named, they would have suppressed evidence even more than they already have (as in the Dark Ages).

2)  Revelation 13:2, "...and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat...Cathedral also means "Throne of the Bishop". 


Catholics claim Peter was the first Pope, & below is a gold coin with him sitting on planet Earth.

3) Exodus 28:5, 6, 8, 15 all mention 5 colors.  Which color is missing in Revelation 17:4?  Answer is blue, & Numbers 15:38-39 proves that blue means to remember God's Commandments.  The church with cathedrals forgot the commandment that we should remember.

4) Daniel 7:25, "...thinks to change times and laws..." Think, what does Rome have to do with God's Law? God's Time? And man-made changes?

TRUTH or False - B.C. is named for Before Christ.

False! Rome originated B.C. for Before Caesar, Jesus was 30 at His baptism in 27 A.D. do the math young scholar &

5) Do Days Really Divide mid-night? Or at Sundown?  Compare Genesis 1 to - or

6) Rome changed the days of the week from Bible names days or numbers (1 to 6). The 7th Day Sabbath is the only day with an actual name. Scroll down on this PDF to page 3 under "Sylvester I, Bishop of Rome" to find our days were named for Roman gods like Moon, Sun, and Saturn at:

"What Do The Names of The Days of The Week Mean?" See the 2nd chart (colored in blue) at

Rome was involved with the days of the week from Emperor Justinian to Pope Gregory. Even Pope Sylvester's involvement is chronicled on this Catholic Encyclopedia site.  Read the 2nd paragraph at
7) Months of the Year - At Wikipedia, find "Gregorian Calendar", & scroll down to "Months of the year" -

Also at - & scroll down to "What Is The Origin of the Name of the Months of the Year?"  Find this area has a blue chart, but remember our calendar is from Pope Gregory & his "Gregorian Calendar".


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