Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Mother Church

Pope Leo XII minted a woman seated on planet Earth with a golden cup in her hand declaring SEDET SUPER UNIVERSUM, meaning her seat of authority is universal.

TRUTH or False - It 's harsh, but the Bible calls the "mother church" a h - - - - -.

* Definitions - A Woman is a church (Ephesians 5:25; Isaiah 54:5,6), and there are only 2 churches, one is God's pure virgin church, and the other is a Satan's h - - - - - church (2 Corinthians 11:2; Revelation 17:4). TRUTH

26) Daniel 7:21,25; 8:24,25, "Made war against the saints and prevailed against them." Revelation 12:6,13-16;13:8;18:24, he shall wear out the saints of the Most High." 

See "List of Apologies made by Pope John Paul II" which includes "people convicted by the Inquisition, sex abuse, religious wars, injustice to women, & African slave trade at these 2 sites:

* Definition - Water is a population of people (Revelation 12:15).

27) Revelation 12:4; 18:12,16 If this wasn't written symbolically, would the leaders still wear Red and Purple robes? Cut/paste and scroll down to "Canons" for all of the red & purple outfits. Clearly, Rome is the great city in Revelation 18:16-19, verses 4 & 5 make this a sin issue...& a iniquity or premeditated sin issue.

28) It would have a man at its head who would speak for it (Daniel 7:8). Search the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia under "indulgences" (mid-2nd paragraph) to find, "Hence the pope, as supreme head of the Church on earth"...stop there because the Bible clearly says Christ is the Head of the Church in both Colossians 1:18 and Ephesians 5:23.

29) "Eyes like the eyes of a man"...means lust (greed) for worldly power and wealth (Daniel 7:8). Search in the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia under "Indulgences" (What An Indulgence Is Not - 3rd sentence), "it means a more complete payment of the debt which the sinner owes to God". Jesus paid the complete price so it is not Biblical to use wealth to pay for sins (and don't you forget it).

30) Revelation 17:3 relationship between state and church in terms of riding in on the back, supporting of church by state, and the church sitting in driver's seat controlling and dictating the direction of government.  Look up "Pontifex" & research the belief that the leader of Rome bridges the gap between God & Man.

31) Indulgences made the church wealthy. Wealth symbolized by the golden cup, precious stones and pearls in Revelation 17:4. Search in the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia (Who Can Grant Indulgences-2nd sentence) to find, "Hence the pope, as supreme head of the Church on earth, can grant all kinds of indulgences to any and all of the faithful; and he alone can grant plenary indulgences." Cathedrals might make one "wonder" like Revelation 13:4;17:6.

32) The daily sacrifice Exodus 29:38-39 is reliance on Jesus' great sacrifice, and praying for forgiveness...every day even constantly if needed. We can ask Jesus to be the payment for our transgressions directly, but problems occur when a man tries to intercede during confession (Daniel 8:11-13).

33) It would speak great things and blasphemies or speak great words against God (Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:5). New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia under indulgences (The Power to Grant Indulgences), "Once it is admitted that Christ left the Church the power to forgive sins (see PENANCE), the power of granting indulgences is logically inferred".

*Definitions - Blasphemy is claiming to forgive sins, and in this case, perpetrating the ability to personify as Jesus' Headship over God's people. John 10:33," What man "maketh himself as God?" Mark 2:7, "Who can forgive sins but God only?"


  1. See "Persecution of Christians" at & read how Christians were tortured by the country as well as the church.

  2. Christians fled from a flood of people (Roman Catholic poeple) to the earth. See the caves here!