Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do Bible Versions Matter? 3

It’s sad enough for the “Illuminati” to view us as expendables without you ignoring it while reading their tainted Bibles.  The Secret Societies equate those of us who are not “enlightened” to a herd of cattle.  Please double-check your Bibles…please.  

Revelation 5:14 – Some Bibles stop at worship, the context is to worship the Lamb, so make sure your Bible doesn’t try to hide that Jesus is worthy.

John 6:43 – Should we just believe?  …or believe in Jesus.  Be careful that your Bible doesn’t make it possible to believe in only yourself.  You can’t even keep a promise to yourself (to stop sinning or keep a Bible study).  Only God's promises are sure.

Micah 5:2 – Which is older, an origin from ancient days, or goings forth from everlasting?  I say everlasting.   Think, Jesus has no start, nor end, & goings forth means He was active before the beginning.

1 Timothy 3:16 – Some Bibles just say that he was manifested.  Make sure yours says God was manifested in the flesh, & don't fall for the secret agenda that God did not come in the flesh...named Jesus Christ

1 John 4:3 – If your Bible doesn’t even confess that Jesus has come in the flesh, it is Anti-Christ.

Mark 7:16 – The Dark Ages were the result of the Church not allowing the open, free, & public access to Scripture. See

Mark 11:26 – The hidden agenda is to omit verses that place the Father in Heaven…so that a Father on Earth can claim to forgive sin….see blasphemy.

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