Saturday, May 12, 2012

Do Bible Versions Matter?

The New Testament was written in Greek (not Latin), yet most modern Bibles mirror the Latin “Codex Vaticanus”.  If translators twisted the Word of God, how could you tell?   Well, almost every modern day Bible was shaped by Brooke Westcott & Fenton Hort, both of whom struggled with Jesus being God, & Darwinism vs. the Biblical Creation story.

"Our Bible as well as our Faith is a mere compromise." (Westcott, On the Canon of the New Testament, p. vii).

"No one now, I suppose, holds that the first three chapters of Genesis, for example, give a literal history - I could never understand how anyone reading them with open eyes could think they did" - (Life and Letters of Hort, Vol. II, pg. 69)

Please research how the following verses were affected.

Matthew 18:11 -  Says Jesus came to save the lost (which would firmly fix Jesus as our Savior), but is deleted from the ESV, NIV, the Message, Jehovah Witness "New World", & Living Bibles.

Matthew 27:35 -  Jesus fulfills the prophecy of Psalm 22:18, which would make His death more Supernatural as the details regarding His garment & lots were foretold, but the fact that it was prophesied id deleted from the NIV, the Message, Jehovah Witness "New World", NASB, ESV, & Living Bibles.

1 John 5:7 - Fixes 3 individuals who team as God, says these 3 are 1, but not only is it deleted from most Bibles including NASB, NIV, Living, ESV, Message & New World Bibles, deleting "the Word" makes it impossible to connect the context to John 1:1-14.

John 1:14 - "Begotten", meaning "biological", is omitted, which disconnects Jesus from God biologically...see the NIV, the Message, ESV, Jehovah Witness "New World", & Living Bibles to find "begotten" is deleted.

Acts 2:30 - Fixes God raising Christ to sit on His "throne", but it's deleted from most Bibles including  NIV, the Message, Jehovah Witness "New World", ESV, NASB, & Living Bibles.

Romans 14:10 - judgement seat of God or Christ?  Christ is deleted from the NIV, the Message, ESV, Jehovah Witness "New World", NASB, & Living Bibles.

Revelation 1:11 - Deleted the Alpha & Omega in various versions as...

a) the Alpha & Omega is the Almighty in verse 8 

b) verse 11 begins, "Saying, 'I am Alpha & Omega" which means who is speaking?  Answer - the Almighty 

c) Revelation 2:1 says the One in the midst of the candlesticks is speaking which is the Son of Man in Revelation 1:13.  Matthew 16:13 fixes Jesus as the Son of man, & Judas betrays the Son of Man with a kiss in Luke 22:28.

d) Who's voice is like a trumpet in Revelation 1:10?  See the use of the Son of God in John 5:25, Son of Man's "voice" in John 5:28, then Lord Himself & the "shout", "voice", & "trump" in 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

Meaning, the Jehovah Witness "New World", NASB, NIV, ESV, Living, & Message Bibles make it difficult to connect Son of man with the Alpha & Omega because the Alpha & Omega is the Almighty...Jesus Christ. Confused?  Read it again later.

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